AwesomeSpace is back on a new location in Hilversum!

Discover by doing

Everywhere you look, the space is filled with retro technology for you to use and experiment with. Don’t stop and stare: Everything at the space invites you to explore, learn, understand, and break boundaries. Museums are dead, long live museums!


Awesome Space is open every Friday for anyone to play great classic games. We have over 100 retroconsoles, homecomputers and arcademachines playable in the space. So come over NEXT gamenight to explore the Awesome Space. We are located in the Game Capital of the Netherlands. Bring friends, play games, have fun. Click here for travel, parking and contact information.

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Take your community to the next level. AwesomeSpace provides incredible amounts of freedom and flexibility to organize and build communities. Do this your way, with your plan and your name. A bigger community is a better community!

We love digital awesomeness!

AwesomeSpace is an inspiring and constructive place to reach the next level of Awesome. For you, your family, friends, crew, or organisation. Uniting digital communities makes the world a better place. AwesomeSpace is built by long-time technology enthusiasts, like you, to support this mission.

Hundreds of people visit us each month! Will you be next?

Play :: Build :: Demo :: Code :: Run :: Stream :: Compose

Speedrun :: Tweak :: Mod :: Own :: Reverse :: Engineer

Pioneer :: Hack :: Develop :: Decrypt 

Explore :: CTF :: Invent ::  Learn :: Win :: Teach

Visit the classics in one of our museum rooms. Everything can played, touched, opened and researched.

Grab some snacks, drinks or Maté in our bArcade, equipped with several arcade machine and a 6 console shooting gallery.

Chill out in one of our game lounges. Go grab your friends and enjoy our multiplayer setups or classic consoles.

Play your favorite shooter, racer or classic in our arcade hall.

Ultimate build pc’s from different eras allow you to play games as they were ment to be played.

Think Different? Then stop by at our Apple corner.

Is this for me?!

  • Never been before? You are welcome to come visit!
  • Don’t know anyone? You are welcome to come visit!
  • You think you are not el33t enough? You are welcome to come visit!
  • In short: you are welcome to come visit!

Click here for travel, parking and contact information.

Monthly Benelux Speedrunners Gathering. Check previous events on Next Level Gaming



Monthly meeting for the RPG community (D&D, Pathfinder, Witch, etc.) with subcultures

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AwesomeSpace took a lot of hard work by a great number of volunteers to become what it is today, and in such a short time. We’d like to thank the following people who have made this amazing project happen:

Stitch, diggie, h00t, mjk303, Cinder, Jos, Art Of Events, gmc, VictorB, Lurwah, EmielB, +!M0, 8., Mo6, AK47, Pemmie, Smokkelaar, Asutoritsudo, Aequitas, and many, many others.