About this event

Searching for old crap, stuff people don’t need any more, worn-down gear and other useful trash. VictorB and Stitch will travel the country to take on the world of thrift-stores and spend a small fortune on bargains.

In this first episode, recorded on Friday the 13th, our heroes will rise to the challenge of finding as much usable TV’s for Awesome Retro as possible. We will see how Stitch is almost crushed under a load of parrot-cages and VictorB will attempt to get a discount on something that is already free.

Awesome Retro Bargain Hunters can’t be viewed every Monday on cable TV. The first episode starts on Friday in the early morning, from AwesomeSpace. Filming crew members are welcome to join.

Recording time: Friday, 13 Februari, starting at 08:45 at AwesomeSpace. The crew will be back around 19:00. There is room for a limited amount of live audience.


Date(s) - 13/02/2015
08:45 CEST - 19:00 CEST